Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's time to stand for Freedom of Speech.

Over the past few weeks Matthew (founder of JIP) and Michael (leading contributor) have been dancing around the idea of this blog supporting the "Draw Mohammed Day" on May 20; when Conservative blogs will be posting pictures of the fabled Muslim prophet in response to death threats made towards South Park for their episode involving Mohammed.

This exhibition would be an exercise for the Freedom of Speech against radical Islamists who have threatened private citizens for exercising their Constitutional right to freedom of speech and the freedom of opinion.

Besides for a private email to Matthew about the subject, I have remained quiet on the topic, though unusual for me, I really have no say as to what the blog as a whole does, and I respect my position of opinionating more than anything. However, after reading Michael's article this morning on how Islamists are threatening to kill the group creator of the "Draw Mohammed Day" facebook page, I feel compelled to write the following:

It's time to stand for the Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of opinion. We can no longer allow religious fanatics to dictate our Constitutional rights; which include the right to offend someone with your personal opinion. I know that some peaceful Muslims might be offended by this anti-Islamo Fascism campaign, but I don't care - that's the beauty of America. They can call be an Christian bastard, and I call them an Islamic asshole. That's America! That's Freedom!

All Conservative bloggers who support the War on Terrorism, who support our Troops in our War against Islamo-Fascism, who support the Independent Nation of Israel, and who most importantly support Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Opinion must join with one another in a united stand for Freedom. Draw a picture of Mohammed, and proclaim ourselves proud in our freedoms, and unafraid to express our opinions.

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Matthew Avitabile said...

Free speech all the way. Suck it, Osama!

Harrison said...

Good one.