Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sotomayor: Gun Ownership "Unconstitutional"

Obama's Supreme Pick
Nathan Figler
American News Inc.
May 26, 2009

President Obama has made a bold choice to replace Supreme Court Justice David Souter with Appeals Court Judge Sonia Sotomayor. Ms. Sotomayor, if confirmed, would be the first Hispanic Justice and would be only the third woman on the Court.

Sotomayor's resume is impressive, including a 1993 ruling in favor of a homeless man beaten by NYPD officers and her landmark decision in 2002 regarding terrorism suspects. In that case, she determined that suspects captured on the battlefield must receive all rights afforded to American citizens under the Constitution. Her controversial decision was later overturned by an Appellate Court, but still influenced current policy.

Sotomayor is a graduate from Princeton University, where her legal theses included Race in the American Classroom, and Undying Injustice: American "Exceptionalism" and Permanent Bigotry, and Deadly Obsession: American Gun Culture. In this text, the student Sotomayor explained that the Second Amendment to the Constitution did not actually afford individual citizens the right to bear arms, but only duly conferred organizations, like the military. Instead of making guns illegal, she argues that they have been illegal for individuals to own since the passing of the Bill of Rights.

Ms. Sotomayor's story is certainly one of success over adversity. Despite growing up in the projects, she has risen to become one of the most well-respected legal minds by the American left. Before joining the appeals court, Sotomayor was a legal consultant for the NYCLU.

Even with her meteoric rise, the nominee still believes there is work to do. In a 1999 interview with a local author, Sotomayor stated that she believed that the United States, "...may never truly be fixed. Racism and economic warfare still crush the dreams of countless second-class citizens. The unfair dimensions of our culture are staggering. You cannot succeed if you are born poor; you simply cannot."

The nomination is expected to go before the United States Senate where Republicans may give a strong fight against what may be considered "judicial activism."


DJK said...

But....she was born poor....and she succeeded, no?

JonR said...

With this horrible nomimation to the Supreme Court, Obama gives the USA his middle finger and dares us to oppose it!
All of you who voted for this lying, hypocritical fool, I hope he is everything you believed in.
God help the United States with a Supreme Court salted with radicals like Sotomayor!!!

Anonymous said...

Why do we have to choose between two parties that hate different parts of the bill of rights?...

Anonymous said...

We don't need or want another GUN CONTROL FREAK to interfer with our RIGHTS as proven in the second amendment. Dispit her ignorant views.

Concerned Citizen said...

Have to agree, the last thing we need in the Supreme Court is another Anti-Gun radical. Remember, the first right to go is the "Right To Keep and Bear Arms". After that the rest will follow. They are already trying as we speak, government has already grown too powerful, controlling private industry, and health care. Lets not let them get any more power.

GreatDay Photography said...

Why not just become a communist type nation...after all that seems to be the direction that we are all being forced into. There seriously needs to be something done in this country to make it once again the great nation it once WAS. WHEN WILL THESE MORONS REALIZE THAT THE LEGAL AMERICAN GUN OWNING CITIZENS ARE NOT THE PEOPLE THAT ARE GOING OUT & COMMITTING VIOLENT CRIMES. Why not start punishing the offenders instead of the victims? OH YEA we cannot do that because we might violate the criminals rights. We as AMERICANS need to fight this political BS that we are faced with. Our founding fathers must be turning in their graves looking @ what has become of all their hard work !!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure any of the commenters above have noticed the "satire" tag.

However, Sotomayor's support of the 2nd circuit panel decision in Didden v. Village of Port Chester is much harder to laugh off.

Ed Parker said...

Ms. Sotomayor believes the Constitution is a "living document." If that is true, then gun ownership by individuals is legal even if she is right that such ownership was illegal when the Constitution was approved. Much precedence has established our right as individuals to own guns.