Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ACORN'S mini political parties.

ACORN, that criminal organization that has been exposed for voter registration fraud, giving undercover journalists advice & support to run an illegal underage girl sex operation in several cities across the United States, its radical connections & belief systems, the tens of millions of dollars the organization has received through federal & statewide legislation, not to mention that inconvenient truth that Obama and this organization have close past connections.

ACORN also has several minor political parties across the United States.

Hold on a second, you did not know about ACORN having several political parties across the United States?

Unless you are involved in New York politics, or you have completed a hell of a lot political research on the Internet, you would not that ACORN has five political parties in action across the United States, heavily focused in New York & Connecticut, but also has smaller parties in Delaware, Oregon, and South Carolina.

Back in 1998, the "working families party" was created in the state of New York, formed by ACORN and other groups, however, ACORN is running the political puppet that is the "working families party". The group is a 100% socialist party, which is committed to pushing Democrats farther to the left, which is laughable, as how could they become even more liberal then they are now?

One of the first campaigns the party worked for, was Hillary Clinton's 2000 bid for the United States Senate seat, the party brought 100,000 votes to Clinton's campaign, she worked closely with them, via the cross-endorsement of candidates in the New York electoral system. The party has grown to 30,000 card carrying voters in New York, they are also spreading to other states as well, especially in Connecticut where two members have been elected to the Hartford city council, and one member is in the New York Assembly.

The New York branch of the ACORN connected parties is as corrupt as ACORN itself, because it is ACORN.

The working families party in New York has Bertha Lewis as a co-chair, very interesting since she is the national CEO of ACORN, not to mention the working families & ACORN headquarters are located at the exact same address in New York City. Now that a connection is 100% known between the two, not to mention the goals are one of the same, the New York branch has been exposed for committing illegal acts.

As exposed by the New York Post, a private company has been used by the working families party to illegally steer labor-union resources to its favored candidates, they have also missed two financial disclosure deadlines to the Board of Elections in New York. Don't expect a New York Times article on the story, as they have endorsed seven ACORN/working families candidates in New York City elections.

ACORN is a corrupt, criminal organization which should have never received a dime in taxpayer money in the first place, however, they do not have to depend on the Democrats to be corrupt, when they have their own mini-parties growing up across America. Next time you see a candidate under the working family/ACORN party label, I would avoid that candidates at all costs.

ACORN is spreading its corruption, now into our electoral system as well, God help us if they create their own nationwide political party, the corruption in American politics would skyrocket, and the criminal organization would be given more credibility & power.

We must fight the Democrats, however, we must also fight ACORN at all levels, especially at the electoral level.

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