Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Congressman Grayson is once again an idiot.

I have followed the pathetic Congressman Alan Grayson over the past several months, from the fact he is a radical progressive apart of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, from the idiotic folks who elected him in the first place in Florida's eight congressional district, and that he proposed that all Americans have to take a vacation......Well he has done it again, as Congressman Grayson, one that must be defeated in 2010, is claiming that the Republican health care plan is for sick people to die quicker.

Which confuses me, because Republicans have been touting Canadians who have escaped the awful government run system there, to come here to get emergency treatment, because in Canada, they would be dead now. Or the fact Conservatives have been bringing up the horror stories from Canada & Great Britain, on how patients have died there because of the big government problems, and the little truth that American health care has the highest survival rates in the world.

Republicans want freedom, capitalism, choice, responsibility, respect for life to be what drives our health care system. As showcased by our opposition to death panels, abortion in the legislation, the government control that would follow, and featuring factual statistics from Nation's that have tried government run health care.

Congressman Grayson, you are a idiot. You have just secured your defeat from the United States Congress, which I believed should have been sealed from the moment you cast your vote for the awful stimulus legislation back in February. You are a disgrace, and a downright liar. I only wish, Congressman Wilson yelled you as he did the Liar in Chief.

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