Monday, September 21, 2009

Leave President Bush alone!

Did President Bush make some mistakes in regards to the economy? Without a doubt, Yes. He was down right miserable in his last two years when it came to economics, however, his policy on foreign policy was strong, correct, and saved hundreds of thousands, if not millions of American lives by employing all possible interrogation techniques to extract information.

For that, President Bush deserves our respect.

However, anti-war protesters, led by anti-war nutjob Cindy Sheehan who has taken the sacrifice of her brave son, and turned it into a vicious political movement, still will not let President Bush be, even though he has been out of the White House, and a private citizen for over eight months now.

As reported by Dallas/Fort Worth local news "Mother turned war activist Cindy Sheehan made another stop in Dallas today.", if you have the stomach for more gut turning anti-war freaks, who seem to hate the idea of a President actually defending their Nation against evil, please do visit the Dallas/Fort worth news site -

Could you please leave President Bush alone? He did what was right, he saved American lives, he is no longer a public official, yet a private citizen, just like you and me. So, leave him alone.

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