Saturday, September 19, 2009

Apollo Alliance - look at that Senator.

Enough about Van Jones, meet Senator Maria Cantwell, the real connection, the real voice of the Apollo Alliance in Washington D.C.

Over the past several weeks, Conservative blogs & Glenn Beck's television show has exposed Van Jones, Obama's "green jobs czar" for what he really was, a radical communist, environmental nutjob, 9/11 truther, and for some unknown reason a man with the President's ear at his disposal. Van Jones resigned a few weeks ago, which was a great victory for Americans around the Nation, as no-one could defend such a lunatic with a straight face.

The Apollo Alliance, an organization which Van Jones is on the Apollo board, is a radical-left wing environmental organization, which seeks to bring labor unions, social justice advocates, and green nutjobs together all for the sake of green energy, besides the fact everything they stand for does not work or is un-American in one sense or another, the Apollo Alliance is a large supporter of everything "green", and even in the words of Senator Harry Reid, helped to write the stimulus package? Interesting, I thought that was the job of Senators & Congressman who are elected, by we the people.

The Apollo Alliance is an organization which also has "Jeff Jones" as their head of the New York apollo alliance, Jones is known as the co-founder of the weather underground, a radical terrorist organization which bombed the Pentagon back in the 1970's, the other co-founder is Bill Ayers, the man who Obama does not know, however, he has inconveniently met with him numerous times in the past. The Apollo Alliance is also a social justice promoter, or in other words, steal from those that earn their money, give to those that they believe deserve it.

I could rip the organization apart for what their goals are, however, I would like to expose Senator Maria Cantwell's connections with the organization.

Senator Maria Cantwell, Democrat from Washington state, is one of the co-founders of the Apollo Alliance, along with Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. from Illinois, and her radical views which shaped this organization has also shaped legislation which she has proposed, as Cantwell proposed legislation which would reduce our oil imports 40% over the next 20 years, impossible without domestic drilling, plus...considering we are a Nation which believes in Free trade, how could we have pass such legislation? We can't, as the legislation went no where. Cantwell is also proposing in the current Congress, S.320, legislation which is nothing but tax credits & handouts to environmental special interests, or as called the "green roof tax abatement bill", which the head of the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities....was able to get information about the legislation and proposal, on the Apollo Alliance website, wow.....what a coincidence.

Cantwell has also referenced either her involvement or Apollo Alliance research in various press releases on his Senate website, it is as easy of searching "Apollo Alliance" on her official website, one of which claimed very faulty statistics from an Apollo Alliance study, which claimed "green jobs" could create 3.3 million jobs, something which has been exposed as falsehood by numerous organizations, and similar "green jobs" programs across Europe has failed horrifically, including in Spain.


Cantwell also said this, "At the time of Kennedy's moon shot, we were in space race with the Soviet Union. Now we are in an economic race with the Europeans and Japanese. Bush is focused on the past, the New Apollo Project for energy independence is focused on the future. America led the electronic and communications revolutions. Now we must lead the clean energy revolution if we are to maintain our global economic leadership.", several years ago.

We can all agree that the Apollo Alliance is a dangerous organization, that the face Van Jones was ever even apart of the organization proves they are a dangerous organization, however, while Jones was just an advisor, Senator Maria Cantwell is a United States Senator, one which has real power in Washington D.C., why has that not been exposed?

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