Friday, September 25, 2009

Conservative Republican does better against Boxer.

Rasmussen Reports has released a new poll from the upcoming United States Senate election in California, which is to take place in November of next year, the Senate seat is currently occupied by Senator Barbara Boxer, a far-left liberal hack, who is a race baiter in the third degree, a complete idiot, and as far-left liberal as you are ever going to find.

With bitter distaste for Democrats across the United States, even in the liberal state of California, Boxer is in some early trouble, however, the Conservative Republican Assemblyman actually performs better against Boxer in the polls, then the Republican Moderate, no surprise there.

Republican Carly Fiorina (former CEO of large company) - 39%
Democrat Barbara Boxer - 49%
Other candidate - 4%
Not sure - 8%

Republican Chuck DeVore (Assemblyman) - 37%
Democrat Barbara Boxer - 46%
Other candidate - 7%
Not sure - 10%

Boxer's margin over DeVore is 1% point less, then against Fiorina, and her total support is 3% less then against Fiorina, proving that voters are more open to a Chuck DeVore as the Republican candidate, while it appears voters are certain about Fiorina in the possible election.

Chuck DeVore 2010 for Republican Nomination, then in the 2010 Senate election. Note - Boxer won with just 58% of the vote during the 2004 Senate election, she does not even some anywhere close to that during these polls, excellent news for the GOP candidates.

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