Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dangerous times - Canada tougher on Iran then America..

I miss President George W.Bush.

Our northern neighbors have always been considered to be a tad lazy on terms of foreign policy, to the point some joke that if the United States of America wanted to takeover Canada, an easy conquest would occur for the United States. However, my weak opinion of Canada on foreign policy has changed dramatically over the past twenty-four hours, to the point of pondering if Canada is tougher on evil then the United States.

What would provoke such a laughable notion by an American Conservative Republican, the current meeting at the United Nations has prompted me to ponder Canadian might on foreign policy. Canada's delegation announced over the past few days, that they would immediately leave the United States general assembly when the evil dictator of Iran took the podium, to espouse his anti-Israeli views.

Canada's foreign minister said it as is the other day on Foxnews, saying that the Iranian dictator wannabe has absurdly proclaimed that the Holocaust was a myth, and that the Canadian delegation would not listen. Considering the fact that the American delegation even listened to the Iranian despot for longer then one second, or even stayed in the room, proves how fare American foreign policy has shifted from neo-Conservatism, to liberal appeasement & pacifism.

If you did not believe America was in danger because of the liberalism of foreign policy, a downright contempt for the intelligence factions in America, a wussification of fighting wars, and the downright anti-Israeli attitude of the current administration. Not to mention cuts in the defense budget, destruction of the all important missile defense program, and a goal of eliminating Americans vital nuclear arsenal. Plus, delaying vital troop increases needed NOW in Afghanistan.

Take this in for a second, Canada was stronger against Iran then the United States was, while Obama's speech thrashed American values, Israeli's Netanyahu stood strong for his Nation, and as Obama is moving towards banning all Nation's of good & freedom from having nuclear weapons, Obama just will not take action against Nations of evil that threaten America, Israel, South Korea, among other allies.

What has happened to America? When Canada takes a stronger stance against anti-Israeli views then America, the supposed "big brother" ally of America.

Pure insanity.

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1 comment:

Annex Toronto said...

Well, Obama surely is much less aggressive than Bush was and he is trying to be very peaceful. Sometimes, though, you just need to use violence.