Saturday, September 26, 2009

Obama now attempting to destroy border security.

The fight to secure the southern border has been a long one, as with a viable national security and millions of criminal trespassers coming as they please, the southern border has been in need of complete shutdown (not at border entrances, along the American border where illegals enter), ultimate security from the Border Patrol, and support from both major political parties.

While the Republican party can be dubbed the party of border security among the vast majority of Republican lawmakers in Congress (and may God bless them), we have numerous Republicans who have stabbed the American people in the back over the border, including Senator John McCain whom I deeply respect, and President George W. Bush who I hold as the greatest President during my lifetime.

However, President Bush did increase Border Patrol levels on the southern border, and he commuted the sentences of two border patrol agents who we're charged for doing their job.

We no longer have President Bush in the White House, we now have Barack Obama, and our border security is even more in risk then it was before.

As reported by CNSNews, the Obama administration is pulling close to 400 border patrol agents away from the southern border (where they are needed) and deploying them to the northern border, when I don't see any really need for them. Especially since only 33% of the southern border is successfully protected, three persons linked to terrorism we're caught attempting enter the United States last year.

So, Obama's policy on the southern border, remove needed Agents from the most needed place, and transfer them to Canada? Is the Canadian border more dangerous? No, the southern border is where terrorists, illegals, criminals, and trespassers alike attempt to enter the United States illegally, not Canada!


We need more border agents on the southern border, to protect every inch of the border, as well as that fence that should have been built several years ago, not the continued Obama policy of wussification of our entire national security.

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