Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Silence speaks louder than words.

During the Bush era, with two wars raging in the Middle East, President Bush would be in contact with his Generals once a week, sometimes daily, no-one can argue that fact, Bush was a hands on man when it came to wars on terrorism. It has recently been revealed that Obama has only talked with his General once in seventy days, according to history, Bush would have spoken to his General at least ten times in that same time period.

Silence speaks louder then words.

While some make the point that the debate over the surge took three months, I can guarantee President Bush actually payed attention to what his General's we're suggesting for the future of Iraq, not paying his attention to everything but the wars on terrorism, like Obama, who seems more interested in expanding the school year and getting Chicago the 2016 Olympic bid.

What has happened to America's foreign policy? Our General's on the ground need more troops now, we know that a surge is a successful military strategy, and we do not have time to let the pantywaist liberal jackasses to get in the way of winning in the wars against pure evil.

I personally believe Obama has two options, either demand that General McChyrstal's request be met, or resign as President, as he would be un-fit to be the commander in chief of the United States Military.

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