Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Decline of European Socialism

The New York Times today chronicled the declining fortunes of Europe's center-left parties. This is partially due to Conservatives in Europe adapting to present-day realities:

"Europe's center-right parties have embraced many ideas of the center-left: generous welfare benefits, nationalized health care, sharp restrictions on carbon emissions, the ceding of some sovereignty to the European Union. But they have won votes by promising to deliver more efficiently than the left, while working to lower taxes, improve financial regulation, and grapple with aging population."

Compare this to the mainstream of the Republican Party, where global warming is a myth and any attempts at health care reform is "socialism". Maybe if they followed the lead of European Conservatives, they might win more elections.
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Aurelius said...

Joe, good article. Keep it up!

Editor said...

How incorrect you are Joe.

The reason why the GOP has been suffering as of late, is because the GOP has become more like the Democrats. Not to mention global warming is a myth, and the Dem plans on health care as they stand, are socialist. Which the American public agrees with.