Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Interview: Truth Serum

Tom Schlegel is an award-winning journalist and screenwriter who started truthseruminterview.com as a response to the liberal bias in the media. The site will be transitioning to a news aggregator format in addition to providing hilarious interviews with newsworthy (mostly liberal) figures. This is the twenty-second in our interview series.
1. President Obama's health care plan has been attacked by critics as giving the government too much control over 1/6 of the US economy. Do you believe that this proposed plan would lead to a health care shortage if passed?

If you look at socialized medicine in places like Canada, Sweden and England this has been the track record. In Sweden people started going to the vet because the wait was so long. But at least they don't have heart worms!
2. The President today stated that Iran was cheating in regards to its nuclear program. Do you foresee a resolution that will both avoid war and Iran obtaining nuclear weapons?

Only if Israel takes care of business. No way Obama will get his hands dirty on this issue.
3. Do you foresee major income tax increases in the next two years?

Yes, it's inevitable. Somebody has to pay for "hope" and "change".
4. What has been President Obama's best achievement so far in office?

He bought a dog.
5. Worst?

Creating an environment where every foreign punk--no matter how insignificant--thinks he can make the United States his bitch.
6. Baseball or football?

7. Italy or Germany?

Germany (see the surname)
8. Ford or Chevy?


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