Friday, September 25, 2009

Justice Ginsburg Hospitalized, Raising Questions about the Future of the Supreme Court

United States Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg was hospitalized in Washington D.C. yesterday, spurring questions about the future of the Supreme Court. Ginsburg has stated that she wants to serve as long as a fellow Justice who sat on the bench for two decades, and left at age 82, her will is for several more years, but her declining health conditions pose opposition to that will.

What does that mean for the Supreme Court? A court which holds a very slim balance of a Originalist majority versus the "living Constitution" minority, if Ginsburgh we're to retire tonight, that sensitive balance would not be broken, however, perhaps an even more radical justice can take her spot for decades to come.

We have already seen one Barack Obama Supreme Court Justice, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, and I can tell you liked the future of the Supreme Court with her on it, especially with her anti-second amendment, anti-life, and pro-racial bias views which she brings to the court. Which is why I personally hope to God that all of the Conservative Justices stay alive & stay interested in serving on the Supreme Court until Obama is out of office, so many important decisions that have come over the past few years, would be gross jeopardy.

Who would the next Obama nominee possibly be? According to an old run down of possible Obama nominations by Michelle Malkin back on May first, plus with the rumor mill in full swing, you could add a few more to that combination.

Elena Kagen. Diane Wood. Cass Sunstein. Those are three possible nominees for the next Supreme Court Justice under Barack Obama, don't ya wish John McCain was elected President? Just imagine, a solid 6-3 Conservative Originalist majority on the Supreme Court today.....

Michelle Malkin rundown on Elena Kagen & Diane Wood -

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