Wednesday, September 23, 2009

John McCain would be better then Obama.

Glenn Beck, a Conservative talk show host who I have become a fan of over the past several years, was on Katie Couric's CBS television show the other night, and he had the audacity to say that John McCain would have been twice as worse as Barack Obama, if elected into the Oval office, and that he would consider voting for Hillary Clinton over John McCain!

Excuse me?

John McCain had his many flaws, I disagreed with him on numerous issues, however, I agreed with McCain nearly 70-80% of the time on all issues (according to various "who do you agree with most" political surveys on the Internet, I was of course more Conservative), he has a 82% Conservative rating from the American Conservative Union, and he was the only man for the job in terms of foreign policy.

John McCain is great on foreign policy, most economic policy, on pro-life issues, on wasteful spending he is excellent, and he is a strong man, something that Obama is not. While McCain is awful on numerous issues, I would rather take the man who will do good 70-80% of the time, then someone who does bad 100% of the time.

So Glenn Beck, you would rather Van Jones, ACORN scandals, growing government, wasteful spending, the wussification of our foreign policy, more death via abortion, and the pushing of socialized medicine down our throats, not to mention liberal appointments to the Supreme Court? I think not, so John McCain would have been twice as worse?

Also, Theodore Roosevelt was horrible on the size & scope of government, he was a progressive, but when Republicans & Conservatives praise Teddy Roosevelt, we think of his brilliant history as a war hero, something that all Americans admire, that is what McCain meant went comparing himself to that.

I would support John McCain everyday to Sunday against Obama, Clinton, Edwards, Kerry, Gore, Dean, Dukakis, and every other liberal Democrat you can throw at me, because that 70% of Conservatism (while I would rather 100% Conservatism) is better then 0% Conservatism, every day of the week.

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