Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Congressman Blunt in battle for U.S. Senate seat.

Republican Congressman Roy Blunt, long time Representative from Missouri, a proud Conservative who has excellent ratings on almost all important issues to Conservatives, and a man who brings Conservatism 100% of the time to the board, is running for Senator in the state of Missouri, and he has a tough election battle on his hands, according to polling data released from Rasmussen Reports.

If the 2010 United States Senate election was held today in Missouri, to replace the outgoing Republican Senator Kit Bond, Congressman Blunt & Democrat opponent Robin Carnahan would be dead tie with each earning 46% of the vote, with 2% of respondents favoring another candidate, and with 5% undecided at this time. Given both Blunt & Carnahan have deep political histories in the state, the election will be very interesting, however, Missouri could be called a swing state, I would rather call it a Conservative state that drifts.

On terms of Congressman Blunt, he spoke to the Values Voters Summit in Washington the other day, a Christian Conservative get together, and one of the Democrat candidates who we're targeted is Carnahan, Blunt was also accused of racism during this speech by leftists alike, when in reality Blunt was using an old analogy to describe the utter chaos in Washington D.C. right now.

The poll also reveals that 56% of Missouri voters disapprove of the job that Obama is doing, and 59% of Missouri voters are against the current Democrat health care proposals in Congress, meaning that Congressman Blunt will have two key demographics to pick at during the upcoming election next November.

This marks another Senate election where Republicans are doing quite well in, along with Colorado, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Connecticut, among other states, signaling a change in the political tide, as Americans are heavily regretting the mistakes of the 2006 & 2008 elections.

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Clay Barham said...

Wow! Where have the original, libertarian-leaning Democrats from Jefferson to Cleveland gone? All that seems to be left are Marxists who want to bring America back into the Old World fold, where poverty and tyranny are the custom. Read THE CHANGING FACE OF DEMOCRATS from or and find out.