Friday, September 25, 2009

What are Republicans doing in Vermont, that we are not in New York.

I was looking up Vermont politics this afternoon, to ponder how awful it is for Republicans in the state that has elected a self-avowed socialist to the United States Senate, however, when looking over representation in the Vermont House of Representatives, I received the shock of my life. Let me explain this in numbers.

The New York State Assembly has 150 seats, as does Vermont, 41 Republicans are in the State Assembly, and the Democrats have a coalition of 108 representatives (one seat is vacant, a Democrat resigned due to defrauding the public, 108 to go). That equals to just 27.5% of all representatives in the New York State Assembly are Republicans.

In Massachusetts, just to make a fair comparison, they have 160 seats in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, though ten more then Vermont & New York, the point is still legit, Massachusetts has just 16 Republicans in their House of Representatives, and only 21 Republicans combined in the entire State legislature.

As for Vermont, one of the most liberal states in the United States electorate, a state which has elected socialists, a progressive third party with representatives in the state legislature, they have 47 Republicans elected, would be 48....however one of them resigned his seat to take a better position in the Vermont government., or 32% of Vermont representatives are Republicans.

What the hell? Vermont has more elected Republicans in their state House of Representatives (the State Senate is another discussion) then the states of New York & Massachusetts, where Republicans do better in statewide & national elections, what are we missing in New York?

Please, someone answer this question for me, why does Vermont have more elected Republicans in their State Assembly, then New York state! A state that does not (publicly) have a self-avowed socialist representing them!

I should be pleased, atleast Vermont has a Republican Governor, but Vermont is doing better with Republicans & Conservatism then New York state? Something just feels off.

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Editor said...

They have more because they don't have NYC dragging down the GOP

Editor said...

Very true. However, Vermont is thirty times more liberal then all of New York City combined.