Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Will Sarah PAC endorse Doug Hoffman?

Sarah Palin, the former Conservative Republican Governor from the state of Alaska, and John McCain's Vice-President selection vowed to support all Conservatives who run for office, whether they be a Republican or a Democrat. Will Mrs.Palin stand by her bold statement, and endorse a third party Conservative candidate, whom is really the only Republican candidate in this special congressional election in the 23rd congressional district in New York state?

Meet Doug Hoffman, a proud Conservative Republican from the north country of Upstate New York, a region which has been represented by Republicans since the 1800's, a region that is far more Conservative then the 20th congressional district, which held their own special election back in March, the Democrat won by just 700 votes over Conservative Republican Jim Tedisco. Hoffman has been involved in Republican politics for decades, however, after the party chairs decided to go with "Dede" Scozzafava, a liberal Republican who has even been supported by the ACORN backed "Working Families party" several times, Hoffman knew a real Conservative Republican option was needed for the voters of the 23rd congressional district.

Doug Hoffman is the only pro-life candidate in this election.

Doug Hoffman is the only 100% pro-business candidate in this election.

Doug Hoffman is the only candidate who has no connections to ACORN.

Doug Hoffman is the only candidate who is a real Conservative, and better yet, a real Republican.

How does this involve Governor Sarah Palin you might ask? Well she created a PAC, designed to support Conservatives running across the United States of America, with a very crucial election set to take place in just 34 days, a real Conservative needing all of the help he can get, will Governor Palin stand by her comments and support any Conservative who runs, or will she not?

Fred Thompson has endorsed Doug Hoffman. The Club for Growth PAC has endorsed Doug Hoffman. The American Conservative Union has endorsed Doug Hoffman. All very respected Conservatives or Conservative leaning political based organizations.

Will Sarah Palin do likewise? That is the question for the ages, and only time will tell.

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