Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Norm Coleman 2014?

Rasmussen Reports has just released a new approval/disapproval poll from the late great state of Minnesota, a state which has elected Jesse Ventura and Al Franken into statewide & federal offices, perhaps the two largest disgraces to elected office in history. Anyhow, polling data does not go well for Senator Franken, who is entering his third month in the United States Senate, after ballots mysteriously we're found to give him the edge over Republican Senator Norm Coleman.

The polling data is not good for Franken, as he has to be the least liked new Senator in the United States of America, no doubt about it.

41% rate Franken as a excellent or good Senator.
54% rate Franken as a fair/poor Senator.
5% are not sure how to rate Franken as a Senator.

Keep in mind, Governor Tim Pawlently, a fellow Republican, has a 56% approval rating, as does the other Democrat Senator from Minnesota, meaning the folks of Minnesota just do not like what they are seeing, especially with this creep.

While I believe Franken illegally won the Senate election in 2008, especially through the recount, I feel the voters of Minnesota are to blame, for even allowing such an idiot to get over 40% of the vote in the first place, and allowing him anywhere near victory! I hope they regret it, so as I placed in the title of this blogpost, Norm Coleman 2014? I could see any Republican candidate with a great chance to throw off this idiot in 2014.

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