Monday, September 28, 2009

Doug Hoffman adds some real starpower.

Doug Hoffman, the Conservative candidate for Congress in New York's 23rd congressional district has picked up some real starpower from a well respected voice on the right, that would be former Senator & Republican candidate for the GOP nomination during last years Presidential election, Fred Thompson.

While some might take this as a surprise, it does not surprise me one bit, as Fred Thompson is a grand old Conservative member of the grand old party, Thompson has never been afraid to go off the beaten path, stand up against both parties, stand for Conservatism, and be his own man. The 23rd congressional district can be compared to the above statement, it is a battle between a liberal democrat vs. a liberal republican vs. a conservative republican running as a conservative, something off of the beaten path.

The Hill quoted a Fred Thompson email to his political PAC, explaining the reason for the endorsement of Hoffman "Doug is a conservative, who understands that our freedom is our greatest strength, that life is a precious gift, and that getting back to our founding principles will ensure our nation's security and prosperity for us and for our children and grandchildren". Could not have said it any better myself.

With the call for a special election coming at any moment from Governor Paterson, election day just 36 days away, real starpower behind Doug Hoffman, the endorsement of the Club for Growth PAC, not to mention polling data which shows the election in a three war tie, I have a feeling Doug Hoffman has a damn good shot at winning this congressional election.

Besides all of the great points, he is endorsed by Fred Thompson, can you argue with that?

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