Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Visit the Doug Hoffman for Congress blog.

The 23rd congressional district is in the beginnings of a huge special congressional election, which will officially begin when Republican Congressman McHugh resigns to take his position as Secretary of the Army, however, the unofficial campaign has been boiling hot over the past several months.

Doug Hoffman is a lifelong Conservative Republican located in the North country of Upstate New York, he was one of the candidates which several GOP chairman considered to be the Republican candidate in the upcoming special election, they overlooked him for Liberal Republican "Dede" Scozzafava, attempting to go on name recognition instead of principles. That has not bode well for Conservatives, Republicans, and Doug Hoffman alike.

Thus, Doug Hoffman has launched a congressional campaign to replace Congressman McHugh, Hoffman is running on the Conservative party line, and is running at 20% (with no candiate receiving more then 30%) of the vote according to a poll recently conducted in the 23rd congressional district, and 56% of all voters in the congressional district want a Conservative Republican as their next Representative in Congress.

I support Hoffman, only because he is running. If Scozzafava was running alone against the Democrat candidate, I would be supporting Scozzafava to retain the congressional seat, however, with Hoffman in the race, the real Conservative Republican, I must support him, though I wish the GOP chairs would switch their choice to Hoffman.

So, I ask for all Conservative Republicans to visit Doug Hoffman's recently launched campaign blog, which I suspect he will be using often to reach out to Conservative & Republican activists across the Nation. So please visit my friends, inside and out of the 23rd congressional district in New York state.

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Anonymous said...

I can help Doug Win. Have him or his staff contact me.