Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How Conservatives & Libertarians can join together within the GOP.

With respect to all Republicans, 70% of the Republican party are self acclaimed Conservatives, with a 30% gap of Libertarians, moderates, and even some full blown Liberal Republicans. We are a party that is as diverse as our roots are historic, we are a party with numerous beliefs from numerous sectors of the American political landscape, so what to do with Libertarians and the Republican party?

That is the question that haunts Conservatives, Libertarians, and die in the wool Republicans all at the same time, as some of us fear what will occur if the party becomes to Libertarian, yet we all fear what will happen if the party becomes to Liberal, that should be one fact that brings all Republicans together, we must be the stead fast opposition to liberalism, with Conservatism & right leaning beliefs. I think we can agree with that, but what divides us, and how can we mend a bridge?

We are divided for numerous reasons, one of the largest is social issues, as Conservatives believes in life for the unborn, and we believe that marriage is a sacred union between one man and one woman, and that the government should be forcing the definition to change. On the issue of foreign policy, we become even more divided, as Libertarians tend to be against all measures we have taken to fight the war on terror, and even oppose the war on terror itself, the problem there, is that the war on a terror is not a issue that can be bridged, you are either for it or against it.

We do have Libertarian Republicans who are for a strong National defense, such as the "Libertarian Republican" a prominent Libertarian Republican blog, which originated as a "Libertarians for Bush effort", while we accept their strong beliefs in an important area such as National defense, we are still divided by other forces.

How can Libertarians, Conservatives, Republicans, and yes....even some Moderates mend the bridges that divide us all, to form one strong Republican party opposed to liberalism & the Democrat party 100% of the time? Economics. While we will fight on social issues & foreign policy for hours upon hours, we agree with the principles of a free market system, of low taxes, of competition, of free trade, of balanced budgets, against pork spending, and for lowering the National deficit & debt.

Thus, we have one common goal, principle, and belief system - Capitalism. With the current times being as are in Washington D.C., that is the one issue that needs to unite us all, we need to be devoted to Capitalism & economic liberty, while a strong foreign policy must be included for any Republican to bridge any gap, a strong focus on free market principles is needed to seal the deal among all Republicans.

I am a Conservative, I will never apologize for that, I am a Republican, who is devoted to the cause & party, it is time that Conservatives & Libertarians join on issues of joint interests, while leaving the issues we disagree with to the core principles of Conservatism, that is something that is non-negotiable. Join on what we agree, and let be what we disagree on.

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