Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Interview With Doug Welch, Founder of Stix Blog

We are pleased to continue our series of interview with Doug Welch, of Stix Blog. Stix contains many unique editorial cartoons, and is an interesting read for both the casual and the hard core political person. This interview will be the twentieth in our series, which also included Darrell Castle, VP candidate for the Constitution party, and Tony Senik, a former President Bush speech writer. This is the nineteenth in our series.

1. What do you believe is President Obama's biggest failure so far?

I think that Obama's biggest failure is his lack of leadership. He has left almost all of his policy work to the democrats in Congress, Pelosi and Reid.

2. Do you believe that opposition to the health care plan can damage the President's political capital?

I think with more and more people joining the Tea Parties and voicing their opinion against the Health Care plan, it has made people look more at who Obama actually is. When people start reading what is actually in the Bill, they are more likely to oppose it.

So yes I think it has damaged his political capital.

3. What's the biggest untold story of the Obama Administration?

I think the biggest untold story of Obama himself is his ties to many far Left Wing people in Chicago. Many of his cabinet members and various Admin jobs are filled with people from ACORN and other groups like ACORN. I think the release of the ACORN tapes by Breitbart will be a drag on his Administration for a while. Will it destroy his Administration? Time will tell. The Public has a short attention span and with the 2010 elections still a far ways away, it might not have an impact on the 2010 elections.

I also think that the Administration has not helped the economy at all. And only made it worse than it had to be.

4. Do you believe that the stimulus plan is helping or hurting the economy?

Jobs are still being lost and the economy may be on a little uptick, but the Great Depression did not happen over night. It was at least a year of up and down with the economy before it collapsed. And if the Cap and Trade and Health Care Bills are passed, I think the economy will be in really big trouble, just as it was after FDR policies made the Depression last longer than it needed to be.

5. Any up-and-coming politicians you see on the horizon?

Well from where I am at, there are not too many Conservatives, and we have not had a Republican or any kind of Conservative in over 40 years elected State wide or nationally.

I think nationally Sarah Palin is definitely one of the up and comers on the national scene. I think she and people Like Michelle Bachmann and Jindal should be in the lead of the GOP.

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Doug Welch said...

Thanks for the interview.

Aurelius said...

No problem, I was glad to do it.