Monday, September 21, 2009

Tedisco 2010...a Campaign to Dream for?

Authors note : While Congressman Murphy did vote to cut off Federal funding to ACORN, he gladly accepted the ACORN associated "Working Families party" endorsement during the 2009 special election.

On march 31st, Democrat Scott Murphy defeated former New York Assembly Minority leader,Republican Jim Tedisco by just over 700 votes in a special congressional election to replace Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand, who was recently appointed to the United States Senate by Governor Paterson. That special election yielded the closest election in the 20th congressional district in years, perhaps signaling a return to prominence by Republicans in the district.

Tedisco ran a campaign based on fiscal conservatism, social conservatism, and his experience in Albany. While defeat was the end result, his campaign was successful in bringing Republican voters out to the polls, something the previous Republican candidate lacked during the 2008 congressional election, however, I feel it Tedisco targeted Otsego county more, he would have won that election.

What has changed from the special election in the beginning of Spring, to the legislative session in late Summer? Scott Murphy has been in the United States Congress for several months now, and his record is horrific. Then again, voters should have realized the truth about Murphy on election day, as he supported the stimulus package while claiming to be a "fiscal conservative", legislation which has added billions to our debt, has done nothing but waste billions of dollars to liberal special interests, has added on to our unemployment rate, and has done absolutely nothing to help the economy, as Capitalist economists & past history predicted.

Murphy has been a tool for Nancy Pelosi over these past several months, as his record includes voting for the massive "cap & tax", supporting Obama's radical health care plans, voted for the government takeover of student loans, and has 87% of the time voted with the Democratic agenda. This is not what the voters in the 20th congressional district wanted, and that is what Jim Tedisco can capitalize on in November 2010. As besides for his advocacy for recall, initiative, and referendum electoral reform in the state of New York, Tedisco has been very quiet, which might work to his benefit.

It was apparent last week that his hopes & aspirations include a position in the United States Congress, when the "friends of Jim Tedisco", sent an email to me & thousands of other citizens, focused primarily on his thoughts on current issues that relate only to the Nation as a whole, not one word about legislation or news from New York, it focused 100% on Nationwide base issues & news. Mainly against legislation & goals which Murphy & Democrats alike, hold. Tedisco has a good campaign staff, a easy primary if he decides to run, and an almost guarantee of the Conservative party endorsement, among three other crucial factors on his side.

1.Tedisco is a Conservative, Murphy is a Liberal - the Nation is shifting rapidly back towards Conservatism, favoring Republican candidates.

2.Murphy is a pawn of Nancy Pelosi, Tedisco is not - Americans do not like Pelosi, they just cannot relate to a snobby liberal from San Francisco.

3.Murphy supports cap & tax, a health care government takeover, massive Obama budgets, and is associated with Obama. Tedisco is none of the above, is associated with the National Rifle Association, Business organizations, and pro-life organizations.

Larry Sabato has 20-30 seats moving into Republican control in 2010, I believe the 20th congressional district could move into Republican control, under Tedisco 2010.

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