Sunday, September 27, 2009

All Germans : Vote!

As I have previously stated, I do not like to interfere in any way in regards to foreign elections, I am not Andrew Sullivan, I am not some foreigner that is attempting to lecture Americans on something, however, the election in Germany is not only crucial to the future of the Nation in terms of economics, but on foreign policy.

Islamic terrorists have made several last second threats against the citizens of Germany, hoping that would sway the vote away from Chancellor Angela Merkel & her Christian Democratic Party, and other right-wing parties which are needed to form coalitions. Germany has recently become more involved in the war on terror (note : Merkel has been very pro-Israeli), though heavily opposed by Germans, the issue has been on the back burner compared to economic issues.

Chancellor Merkel is proposing that Germany use free market Capitalist principles in the Nation of Germany, such as cutting taxes for German citizens, while the opposition party is suggesting higher taxes on the rich, and more welfare. This election also comes down to the principle of somewhat Conservatism in European Nations or communism, that is the choice for the people in Germany today.

Somewhat Conservatism in Chancellor, or far-left near communist in Chancellor.

The choice is for the voters of Germany to make, and though I absolutely hate Conservatism by European standards, because it is a mockery of true Conservatism as espoused in the United States, Chancellor Merkel is the best candidate for the job, especially in terms of foreign policy, as we cannot let another Nation falter to liberal communist like demands in terms to foreign policy.

To all Germans whom might read this blog, please vote for Chancellor Merkel, and pro-business parties, because it is crucial to the whole world, especially in terms of foreign policy.

Memo to Islamic terrorists - If Germany votes for Merkel, it only proves your power is decreasing, you slimeballs.

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