Monday, September 28, 2009

McCain vs. Obama, who would you elect now?

Just one year ago today, America was in the middle of one of the most interesting Presidential elections in modern history, as two United States Senators faced off for the ultimate prize of becoming the next leader of the free world, one was a semi-right wing Senator from the state of Arizona, the other was a far-left radical Senator from the state of Illinois.

Yes, we are talking about Senator John McCain (R) vs. then Senator Barack Obama (D), a straight forward election for the average American when it comes down to the important issues, as John McCain is pro-second amendment, John McCain is pro-life, John McCain is for the wars on terrorism, John McCain would nominated Conservative justices to the Supreme Court, John McCain would have cut taxes, John McCain would not be attempting to takeover America's health care system, and John McCain would not be destroying our treasured friendship with the Nation of Israel.

If election day 2008, was held again on this day, September 28th 2009, who would the American people vote for? Would millions of older Republicans stay home during another Presidential election between the two? Would tens of thousands of usually Republican voters cast their vote for Bob Barr instead of John McCain? Would hundreds of thousands of Americans vote for Obama just because he was black, or because they did not believe he was "moderate" as they believed several months ago?

Answers we will never know, however, questions that have merit. If we could all do the 2008 Presidential election differently, would you prefer a President McCain or a President Obama? I think we all know the answer to that.

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