Saturday, September 26, 2009

Congressman Schock's office targeted in terror plot.

When Republican Congressman Ray LaHood decided that the 110th Congress would be his last, Republican Aaron Schock decided to run for LaHood's seat in the 18th congressional district in Illinois, at age 26, he easily won the primary against two other Republican candidates, and the general election was ready to go.

Schock would win the election with 59% of the vote, at age 27, becoming the youngest elected lawmaker in the United States Congress, a more Conservative member then the previous two elected Republicans from the district, and a strong proponent for the wars on terrorism, just like Congressman LaHood is.

Well, it is being reported that the terror plot that federal authorities stopped in Illinois, was also plotting to attack Congressman Schock's offices in Illinois, a brave reminder of whom in America are the real supporters of fighting the war on terrorism. Congressman Schock has to be a bit shaken up from this, however, I am sure his resolve will be stronger for the wars on terrorism after this event.

Over the past few days we have seen numerous terror plots surface from around the United States of America, that proves just how dangerous of a time we live in, especially with the revelation that Iran has a second nuclear site, at the same time Obama is attempting to destroy America's nuclear arsenal. Congressman Schock has been a damn fine Conservative Republican over the past several months, and it appears Congressman Schock has been targeted for that reason by terrorists, as was Vice-President Dick Cheney, only this time, I hope that liberals don't make comments wishing that the attacks we're successful.

God Bless America, God Bless our intelligence offices, God Bless our troops, God Bless the FBI.

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