Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Who in Congress Supported Honduras?

We have covered the Honduras situation for months now, and will continue to cover the situation, and to encourage freedom, love of Constitution, and hatred of communism, as the people of Honduras proudly did in late June of this year.

Just a few months ago, a small Nation in Latin America, Honduras, did something that few Nations have ever done in the history of the earth, they stood for liberty against tyranny, they threw out a dictator, and restored Constitution government. However, what is the reward of such noteworthy actions, Honduras has been shunned by the entire world, and their actions have actually been condemned by Nations that claim to love democracy & freedom, when the dictator wannabe in Honduras was attempting to do away with both.

Barack Obama & his administration have 100% been working against the freedom fighters in Honduras, those that stood up for their Constitution, and threw out the communist dictator wannabe, however, how many Congressman & Senators have stood with Honduras over these past several months?

From research :

Senator Jim DeMint.
Congressman Mike Pence.
Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (who wrote a damn fine article on the situation on September 11th) , -
Congressman Connie Mack (who has introduced a Resolution in support of Honduras, which has 46 Republican co-sponsors ) -

These 47 Republicans (including Congressmen Mike Pence, Dana Rohrabacher, and Connie Mack) support Honduras, at least in form of this Congressional Resolution sponsored by Connie Mack.

Sponsor - Congressman Connie Mack.
Co-sponsors :
Authors note : Rep. Addison Wilson is Congressman Joe Wilson, the most known Republican Congressman over the past several weeks.

All Republicans I must add, these are all of the Honduras supporters that we know of, I suggest you write your Congressman or Senator, demanding to know whether freedom or tyranny is with whom, they pledge their allegiance to. Because, freedom is a precious gift, which must be supported & protected, at all cost.

Also - Pro-Honduras protest in St.Louis Missouri, Gateway Pundit covers it -

--Tim K.


trutherator said...

Thanks man! My wife is from Honduras and you are on the side of truth! I'm in a forum with expats who live there and here, and the Obama voters who even call themselves "progressive" are livid about thi and trying to find a way to express themselves. I say let's give them voice!


hmgreen said...

The Democratic party is loosing popularity among many Latino voters. From my point of view this party is selling out a free Latin America. Now populist and communist regimes are spreading hatred amongst its citizens. Divide and conquer.
I call upon all of you American Latinos to start leaving the Democratic party by the millions. The Republican Party most suits the needs of America and the world.
Democrats in government realize that the millions of Latinos who voted this past elections have short and strong ties to their ancestral lands. Honduras is an example of how the rest of Latin America will be sold out. Shame on you all Democrats.You will not have the white house another 4 years. Go read what Abe. Lincoln wrote.Obama stop apologizing for America, you insult us. APOLOGIZE TO AMERICA.

hmgreen said...

Where can `I affiliate myself to the Republican Party in Miami?

Anonymous said...

Ileana Ros Lethinen R/FL House of Presentatives is a staunch supporter of Honduras