Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Election 2009 is Crucial

Rock the Conservative vote 2009!

In just five short weeks, voters in Virginia, New Jersey, California's tenth congressional district, Mayoral races across the Nation, and other local elections will be casting their votes for the best candidates on the ballot. As Republicans and as Conservatives this election cycle is imperative to the future of the Nation, party, and the political movement itself.

With declining approval numbers for Obama, a stalled agenda in the United States Congress, anger over higher taxes and more government regulation, Americans are quickly turning away from Democrat representatives, a strong firestorm in Conservatism among the Republican party, and several other factors, are leading to the key 2009 & 2010 elections which are crucial to the future of the Republican party, and frankly, America herself.

The Republican candidates for Governor in New Jersey and Virginia are polling quite strong against their Democrat counterparts, in two states that have not had a elected Republican as head of the state in several years, especially in New Jersey where the Republican is maintaining a near ten point lead over the incumbent liberal Democrat Governor, Jon Corzine, something that is near impossible in the state of New Jersey this close to election day. In Virginia, Republican Attorney General Bob McDonnell is leading his Democrat counterpart by a few points, however, considering McDonnell defeated his opponent back in 2005 during the Attorney General election, the odds are in his favor. Not to mention, the all important National Rifle Association has also become involved in the Virginia Gubernatorial election, as they have

endorsed Bob McDonnell for the seat, a very crucial endorsement for any candidate running in a state like Virginia, where the second amendment is key.

The New Jersey & Virginia gubernatorial elections reveal the feelings from around the Nation, as Republicans are starting to become America's party oncemore, Conservatism is golden compared to the big government liberalism which American citizens have grown weary of rather quickly, and Americans are suffering from buyers remorse, as Americans genuinely do not want, what has been dealt to them.

The 2009 elections are crucial, Republicans & Conservatives need to work together, and they need to vote on this usually off-election year. We have important races in New Jersey, Virginia, the 10th congressional district in California, the Binghamton Mayoral election, countless other local elections spread out across the Nation are also crucial. This is not a year to sit back and relax, this is the year to show our strength & resolve.

GOP 2009!

Author's note : Jumping in Pools will be your premiere source for electoral news as we enter the final stretch of the 2009 election campaign season. Stay tuned for our November third election day coverage of races all across the Nation.

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