Thursday, September 24, 2009

Israel - do or die.

I hate having to write this. Israel, you have a decision that has to be made rather quickly, do you want to eliminate the terrorist nuclear threat in Iran, or do you want to become a land of burnt rubbish? That is your choice, and that decision needs to be made now.

Iran is moving full speed ahead with their nuclear ambitions, the United States is becoming even more weak assed each and everyday under the Obama administration, you have cleared a path to Iran to bomb them, even receiving an O.K. from Saudi Arabia to fly through their airspace, and with a mounting threat, plus every Nation in the world opposed to Israeli interests, except for the citizens of Israel, the time is now to act.

This is the do or die moment for the Nation of Israel, a Nation which has withstood hell and fury over the past 5,000 years, but has remained a strong Nation never the less, with a strong belief in God almighty, and power friends such as the United States. Israel has seen many wars in the past six decades, however, Israel has won almost all of them, and I am certain a war against Iran would not be much different.

Israel, Obama is destroying American foreign policy, there is no guarantee that Israel would ever receive aid from the United States during an attack against Israel, or the possible war which would ensue afterwards, from an American standpoint, you would think America would be in this as well, considering Iran is an evil, is a threat to all Nations of freedom, and that Iran has paid for weapons & terrorists who have killed American soldiers in Iraq & Afghanistan.

We should be fighting this together, however, with Israel standing alone, Iran continuing their path towards nuclear weapons, and with the clock ticking, it is time to act Israel, it is time to do or die.

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