Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rangel the corrupt.

Over the past several months, I have heard numerous calls for Congressman Rangel to resign, I 100% agree with those calls, however, in recent days I have heard some ponder why Rangel is still in the United States Congress, that is why I am writing this article.

Congressman Charles Rangel, first elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1970, representing New York's fifteenth congressional district like a lord with ultimate power. Over the past several months, it has been revealed that Rangel, who is the head of the all-power House Committee on Ways and Means (deals with tax laws), has not reported hundreds of thousands to possibly millions of dollars in income to the Internal Revenue Service, not to mention Rangel is a race baiter to the highest degree, and told a citizen journalist to mind his own "G****mn business" when asked about cheating the IRS.

Why is Congressman Rangel after cheating the IRS hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, especially when he is the head of the committee which deals with tax laws, still in the United States Congress, then again why he is still in Congress after near four decades of constant election and numerous race baiting instances.

The fifteenth congressional district is D+41, elected Obama with 93% of the vote, located deep in the heart of New York City, the Congress is lead by liberal Democrats who have no sense of ethics, and did I mention the results from the 2008 congressional election? Well, I saved the worst for last.

Charles Rangel (D) - 177,060 (89.17%)
Edward Daniels (R) - 15,668 (7.89%)
Craig Schley (People for Change) - 3,706 (1.87%)
Martin Koppel (Socialist workers) - 2,141 (1.08%)

With the full knowledge that Rangel lied about his income to the IRS, that he has major ethical problems, among other controversies, the voters of the fifteenth congressional district re-elected Rangel with nearly 90% of the vote, and added another near 3% of the vote for even more radical candidates over the Republican candidate.

Rangel is corrupt. The fifteenth congressional district is corrupt for re-electing Rangel. The Congress is corrupt for not ordering a full investigation & impeachment of Rangel.

What has happened to our Nation?

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