Saturday, September 26, 2009

Little Green Footballs attacks Senator Inhofe.

Last week, the former Conservative website Little Green Footballs, attempted to smear Congressman Roy Blunt as a racist against Barack Obama, and hinting that a group of Christian Conservatives gathering in D.C. we're racist...because they we're mainly white.

This week, Little Green Footballs is now going after Republican Senator Jim Inhofe from Oklahoma, because Inhofe challenges the myth of global warming, and because Inhofe wants to organize opponents to the global warming myth, to the United Nations conference on "climate change" in the Nation of Denmark later this year.

How is Little Green Footballs just losing it over this situation, the fact that Senator Inhofe also went to a similar global warming conference back in 2003, a conference which Senator Boxer attended as well, apparently if you are a Republican talking about the truth overseas, you get grief, if you are a Democrat spreading get silent applause from Little Green Footballs.

Also, Inhofe is not attempting to "subvert" Obama's policies, he is attempting to expose the true intentions of the global warming movement, and to expose it as a lie. Also, LGF also complains about Senator Inhofe comparing the EPA to the gustapo, which when it comes to economics, bullying over environmental issues, and pushing to have "CO2" labeled as a pollutant, I would call them an environmental gustapo, working for global warming henchmen.

Please read the disgusting piece here -

Senator Inhofe is going to Denmark to bring a different opinion to the debate, the correct opinion if you ask me, Inhofe is also a damn fine Conservative Senator, and what does he get from a supposed "Conservative blog", grief....nothing but grief, idiotic opposition, and silly examples of hatred for all things Conservatism.

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IT knows no better....