Monday, September 28, 2009

Black Republican to challenge Jesse Jackson Jr.

NOTE: Check out our interview with Isaac Hayes.

The second congressional district in Illinois is a Republicans worse dream in terms of how bad a election could get. Take for example the district has not had a Republican representative since the 1950's, Barack Obama won the district with 90% of the vote, improving on the margins of victory by Al Gore & John Kerry, and the fact Jesse Jackson Jr. is the Democrat representing the district, who is deeply involved in the founding of the Apollo Alliance a radical left-wing environmentalist group which has connections to radicals Van Jones & Jim Jones.

Not to mention, the 2008 congressional election was drown right ugly for the Republican candidate, if you could call it a election in the first place.

2008 congressional election in Illinois second congressional district :
Jesse Jackson Jr. (Democrat) - 251,052 = 89.4% of the vote.
Anthony Williams (Republican) - 29,721 = 10.6% of the vote.

Well, a brave Republican is going to brave the almost impossible odds, and run against Jackson during the 2010 congressional elections, that Republican would be the Rev. Isaac Hayes, a strong black Republican who is already facing pure hell from left-wing kooks, who are calling him a wide variety of slurs, because he is a Republican who dare also be black.

I guess, Michael Williams in Texas, Deborah Honeycutt from Georgia who ran for Congress in 2008, Michael Steele the GOP Chairman, Lynn Swann the GOP candidate in Pennsylvania for Governor, J.C. Watts the former Congressman from Oklahoma, Conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and the numerous other Republicans have all been brainwashed by the white man, to believe in freedom, life, personal responsibility, etc.

Racism does exist my friends, that is why we need to stand strong with Republican candidates such as the Rev. Isaac Hayes, he is a breath of fresh air in a corrupt city with just as corrupt members of Congress in D.C., please visit Hayes website, and God sakes if you live in the 2nd congressional district in Illinois, vote for Hayes come next November.

Read the vile hate by leftwing nutjobs, as posted on The American Spectator,

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