Sunday, October 25, 2009

Black Friday 2009 Ads

One of my favorite things to do after Thanksgiving is shopping for those once-a-year deals that come on Black Friday, or as I call it, Clearance Day.

Here are some 2009 Black Friday Ads

To me, really Black Friday is the second holiday in two days after Thanksgiving. It's a load of fun to wake up early and go out with the family, coming home some hours later with new goodies.

Here are some more ads

A quick reason why Black Friday is called that: it is the day when businesses are supposed to make so much money, that they go from the red (loses) to the black (gains). Interesting, no?

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Black Friday 2009 said...

Black Friday is known for having already low prices on things that you would expect to be expensive.It’s a great place to shop on normal days, but it’s a great spot to shop on Black Friday 2009.

mark said...

Black friday is the busiest day in whole year and people really enjoy this day and they do lots of shopping on this day.They get some amazing product on some amazing prices.And this will due to Black Friday Ads.By the ads,people can manage their shopping and their budget for that shopping.