Friday, October 23, 2009

LGF-- The Site for Losers With a Mentally Deficient Cult Leader

Note: This article is not satire or humor.

Little Green Footballs, which was once one of the premier websites on all of the interwebs, has really got into the shitter in the last year or so. Recently we posted a satire piece about the President's college thesis and it was picked up by Rush Limbaugh, the Huffington Post, the Washington Independent, Time Magazine, Media Matters, the FoxNation blog, Lou Dobbs, Pajamas Media, and the American Thinker. Pretty good for what he calls a 'crudely written post.' Hey, Charles-- when was the last time one of your articles was read by someone important? Still hanging on those glory days of 2004? Well Dan Rather called. He said that on the way to the asshat factory you really have to get a hold of your bad self.

Good ol' Charles took the time to insult us for 'repeatedly creating sockpuppets.' My brother and I tried to create one account each after we got banned. But it counted as some horrific crime for putting up links on the linkviewer he created for us to use for that purpose. Make sense?

And Charles is leaving comments on our open threads insulting us, including using the same phrases and linking to himself. True, we only had 13 comments compared to his 300, but we try not to ban everyone who doesn't agree with us.

Charles. You are a liar. You are the liar.

Our donation box on our site goes to help troops' families. YOURS goes to your bank account. You call us blog pimpers? You shameless destroy your blog but hold your hand out for money. We promote and want money to go to Soldiers' Angels.

We declare you an enemy of the blogosphere, right and left. Bring it, bitch!

EDIT 11:24pm: We also noticed a particularly offensive comment. CJ regularly edits the comments to death and blames people who allow shitty comments on their sites. Meanwhile LGF has this for comment #29:
That picture, fucktards, is of Joseph Chicoine, who is an autistic friend of ours. He knows we run a blog so we put up a picture of him to make him feel good. Cato the Elder, go fuck yourself. If you want to pick on an autistic student, just remember that you're a lonely loser who has nothing better to do than sit at home, writing comments to pleasure CJ.

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giantslor said...

I thought the satire was poorly written to be more supposedly "authentic." It turns out you're just a poor writer.

Enjoy the last few seconds of your 15 minutes, loser.

Editor said...

I'd rather be an unfamous loser who is a bad writer with a poor blog than a follower of a person who mocks autistic people.

Bruce NV said...

Good job. CJ and his sycophantic minions are the true losers.

Anonymous said...

LGF is pants. No one other than the members there takes his site seriously anymore. Somewhere down the line this idiot CJ lost his marbles. Mentally sick would describe CJ - the man is a raving loon and needs locking up.

(ex lgf member)

Left Coast Rebel said...

I judge a person many times by his enemies. If Charles 'Not-so-big' Johnson has you on his shit-list then I put you at the top of my friend list, along with Pamela Geller, Stacy McCain, and many others. Keep it up, nice to see you at Memeorandum, even though I know you hate the Pauls, LOL.


Anonymous said...

"If Charles 'Not-so-big' Johnson has you on his shit-list then I put you at the top of my friend list, along with Pamela Geller, Stacy McCain"

If you want to be friends with a proven, documented-many-times-over white supremacist, be my guest.

Harrison said...

I don't think whomever posted that knew the guy is autistic.

President In Exile said...

Hit the road Jack, and don't come back.

Good article. Just wanted to add that I started calling him "Charles the Small" (referring to his intellect) on my blog for a couple of weeks before I realized that "Charles the Small Johnson" was even funnier.