Thursday, October 22, 2009

Michele Bachmann endorses Hoffman.

24 hours ago, I wrote about how Congresswoman Bachmann endorsing Doug Hoffman would be excellent, today it is being reported that Congresswoman Bachmann has endorsed Doug Hoffman for Congress, becoming the first Republican to publicly endorse Hoffman over Scozzafava.

Rep. Michele Bachmann, the iconoclastic Minnesota congresswoman becomes, as far as I can tell, the first incumbent Republican to back the Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman over Republican Dede Scozzafava in the roiling NY-23 special election. On her radio show yesterday, Laura Ingraham skillfully pushed Bachmann to take a stand on the race — the answer seemed to come by accident.

“What I read,” said Bachmann, “is that the Republican-endorsed candidate is actually number three. The Democrat is number one and the conservative candidate is number two.” (This was not actually true in the last poll, which showed Democrat Bill Owens leading Scozzafava, and Hoffman bringing up the rear.)

Nudged by Ingraham, Bachmann threw Scozzafava under the bus. “Hoffman is on the ascendancy,” she said, “and we have to win this seat, and people need to get behind the winning candidate, and it looks like that’s Hoffman.” After Ingraham said that Bachmann had just made an endorsement, the congresswoman didn’t correct her: “It appears that he has the best chance right now.”

Doug Hoffman 2009! When I say Michele Bachmann is the first Republican Congressman to come out and endorse Hoffman, the fact a large majority of Republicans in Congress have not even sent Scozzafava one dime, proves to me that there is a silent majority of Republicans who want their true comrade to win, Doug Hoffman.

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