Friday, October 23, 2009

Conservative Party of New York is a catch 22.

The Conservative Party of New York has become the vocal point of discussion all across the United States political scene, because of their support of Conservative Republican candidate for United States Congress, Doug Hoffman whom is running on the Conservative line after New York state Republicans selected a far-left liberal in a backroom meeting.

While the Conservatives are a vital organization to Conservative Republicans having the slightest chance of victory in the state of New York, the party has a lot of downfalls on the local levels, while their highest levels of success are in statewide, congressional wide, and federal wide elections.

  • During New York's 20th congressional special election earlier this year, the Conservative party supported Republican candidate for Congress, Jim Tedisco, a strong Conservative Republican who has served in the New York Assembly for decades, and has a pretty impressive record during those years. While Tedisco eventually lost the election by 726 votes, the Conservative party brought 11,332 votes to his campaign.
  • During a special election to fill a New York Assembly seat in Queens (AD 38), the Conservative party supported a radical liberal Democrat over the Republican candidate. The Republican candidate had a real shot at victory in the heavily Democratic district, however, low voter turnout, and the Conservative party supporting the Democrat lead to another vote for Gov. Paterson's agenda being elected to the already super-majority Democrats in the General Assembly.
  • The Conservative party is running Doug Hoffman against two radical liberals, as the special congressional election in New York's 23rd congressional district rages on. Hoffman has received the support of Republicans & Conservatives alike across the Nation, including Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Fred Thompson, Steve Forbes, among many others.
  • The Conservative party is supporting a Republican defector in a local Sheriff's election in Upstate New York, the candidate betrayed the Republican party in the middle of the night to run as a Democrat, and the local Chairman ignored the voice of his party and endorsed the Democrat immediately.

In conclusion, the Republican party is more reliable to support Conservative Republican candidates in the state of New York, then the Conservative party is. I am not smearing, I am just telling the downright truth.

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