Friday, October 30, 2009

Giuliani campaigns on behalf of Bob McDonnell.

While we have seen a bundle of potential 2012 Presidential candidates either endorse or campaign on Bob McDonnell's behalf in Virginia, I believe Giuliani campaigning for McDonnell is either to raise his political profile amongst a fellow Republican Gubernatorial candidate who is all but secured a victory at this point, or Giuliani is attempting to expand a fundraising base for a possible run at the United States Senate.

A Republican victory in Virginia next week would send a national message that "enough is enough" on the expanding federal government, former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said Wednesday.

In a short speech at Springfield's Greenspring Retirement Community, Giuliani -- acting as a surrogate for Republican gubernatorial nominee Bob McDonnell -- equated a vote for McDonnell to a call to rein in federal spending and power.

While Giuliani has the choice of two potential careers to chose from during the 2010 electoral cycle, he has to make connections with fellow Republicans running for political office now. Giuliani would be wise to run for the Senate, as Gillibrand is vulnerable, Giuliani is popular in New York, and we could use another anti-Obama vote in the United States Senate, and he is the only candidate who could deliver that vote from New York state.

We are not witnessing a fellow Republican helping Bob McDonnell's campaign, we are witnessing the beginning of a Giuliani run for United States Senate in 2010.

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