Thursday, October 22, 2009

McDonnell should win Virginia race easily.

With just 12 days to election day 2009, Republican candidate for Governor in Virginia's Gubernatorial election, Bob McDonnell, has little to fear from his Democratic rival, Creigh Deeds, as his campaign is running on fumes, and recent polling data has Deeds trailing McDonnell in some polls by more then 10% percentage points.

According to SurveyUSA, if the Gubernatorial election we're held today in Virginia, Republican Bob McDonnell would win the Governor's house by near 20% of the vote.

59% - Bob McDonnell.
40% - Creigh Deeds.
1% - Undecided.

Among younger Virginians aged 18-34, the results are even more surprising.

61% - Bob McDonnell.
37% - Creigh Deeds.
2% - Undecided.

Republican Bob McDonnell has been smeared viciously by the Washington Post and other liberal smear merchants, however, his goals of fiscal conservatism , an all of the above energy plan, and the fact he is not a Democrat, is pushing McDonnell to reclaim the Virginia governors house, a house Republicans have been locked out of since 2001 in Virginia.

This Gubernatorial race will revitalize the Conservative Republican movement for the 2010 elections, and this Gubernatorial race will bring the state of Virginia back to its Conservative roots, especially since a majority of Virginians disapprove of Obama's job through nine months.

Bob McDonnell 09! Let the Conservative Republican Revolution begin!

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1 comment:

Sweet red wine said...

We're leaving for Virginia tomorrow night and last night someone told me that, although there is a large interracial factor there, the racial tension is pretty apparent. Is this true?