Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jumping in Pools is a "dangerous website".

According to the Conservative blog, Gateway Pundit, Jumping in Pools is a dangerous blog because we have a sense of humor. I guess Rush Limbaugh is Hitler because he played "Obama the magic negro" on his radio show.

Jumping in Pools Blog is a website that specializes in writing realistic but fake stories, publishing them and then watching who will link to their bogus news story. The blog does not identify itself as a satire site and several of their satire pieces are so close to fact that it is hard to tell the difference. Don’t be fooled. Several conservatives have fallen for their pranks and Reuters even published one of their posts at least once. This is a dangerous website.

"Specializes in writing realistic but fake stories.", considering 99% of all articles posted on this blog are opinion pieces, news stories, or even some polls, how one could arrive that the website "specializes" on one area or another is impossible to conclude. I guess we are a dangerous blog for the interview we conducted with Republican candidate for Congress, Isaac Hayes from Illinois?

The reason we do not have a giant banner warning people we are a satire website, is because we are not a satire website. And every article written which is satire, is labeled as satire. As for being so close to the truth, that is what makes good satire! If Conservatism 99% of the time, and satire 1% is dangerous, then I am in good company.

The latest conservatives to fall for one of their fake news stories were Rush Limbaugh and Michael Ledeen. On August 25 Jumping in Pools posted a fake article about Obama’s far left college thesis. Obama wrote his thesis on a nuke free world. He never released it during the campaign because it is reportedly filled with radical slurs against America. The state-run media never cared much about it. So in August Jumping in Pools posted one of their fake stories claiming they found this thesis.

Once again, labeled as satire. If Mr.Ledeen had read the fine print, then you wouldn't be bashing us right now.

Last week Rush’s team and Michael fell victim to the prank. Tonight the state-run media is getting a good laugh at Rush’s expense.

Not like the laughs Conservatives get every night by reading NewsBusters, a website which chronicles satire 24/7, that satire would be the main stream media attempting to cover the news.

I have always respected your talent over at Gateway Pundit, I expected you to have more credibility then this. Horrid website =

Occasionally I get emails from readers pointing me to this blog. It is obviously still fooling its readers. Please pay particular attention and remember the name of this horrid website. Don’t let yourself fall victim to their high school humor.


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Anonymous said...

Still think you're endearing yourselves to the conservative blogosphere?

HAHAHA I win, you lose. You're now the biggest joke out there. Have fun drifting into nobody-land.

I noticed you credited my comments from Friday to Charles Johnson, I guess you've been punked this time. Check my IP addy, it's from Massachusetts, not California where Chuckles Johnson lives. I could post on my blog about you being suckered this times, but I won't. Why bother with a useless joke of a website.

BTW: I'm 100% anti-LGF

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Anonymous said...

I agree that you're not "fake" and Jim Hoft stepped over the line with his post.

If he had bothered to read this site, he would have known that.

As for Anon, if you're a conservative you need to switch parties, because you sound more like a vile, bitter, intolerant liberal.

What a hate-filled little person you are.

Anonymous said...

"so close to fact that it is hard to tell the difference"

- like the suggestion that Richard Nixon was the "Zodiac Killer" - which was linked to as "related" to the story everyone's talking about now ...

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Anonymous said...

Gateway overreacted on this I agree. However, this was a strangely written "satire" piece. It's almost like the intent was to see how many people you could fool, expecting them to win the "where's waldo" game in the tags, which most people simply don't read.

In order to avoid doing further, and I'm sure unintentional damage and embarrassment to people who are in agreement with you ideologically, I would suggest revising your satire ID method.

That's all Gateway should have said, I think.

And if you're at all concerned with ameliorating the bad feelings that have been generated toward your blog, how about doing a (non-satire) piece detailing the reasoning for the satire, and how it indeed does reflect the true reality of Obama's worldview.

christmasghost said...

Really...what is a "dangerous website"?
What a silly comment to make, and I am sorry that so many seem to have this attitude.
Now if you were telling people how to create explosives I suppose you could be considered "dangerous", but really....satire?
Has anyone ever died from it?
Someone has a bad case of PC-itis and doesn't know it.....

varsity lakes said...

I Thinks that its a nice joke. Thats the END

Mr. d said...

I've been away a few days, anything happen lately???

Mr. d said...

I've been away, anything new lately???