Tuesday, October 20, 2009

BREAKING NEWS - Dick Armey to endorse Hoffman campaign!

Former Republican Congressman & House Majority Leader, Dick Armey will endorse Doug Hoffman's campaign to become the next Representative from the 23rd congressional district, Armey's endorsement brings more Conservative & Republican starpower to Hoffman's campaign, whom is attempting to defeat both a radical liberal Democrat & a radical liberal Republican, and it further proves that Scozzafava (the supposed Republican) is not a Conservative, hell, she cannot even be called a Moderate Republican anymore.


Add North Texas' Dick Armey to the list of conservative stars backing Hoffman. The former House Majority Leader has confirmed to the Hoffman campaign that he'll spend Thursday with them, said Rob Ryan, a Hoffman spokesman. "He is with us almost all day Thursday," Ryan told me. "There will be a bunch of different events." Armey's endorsement of Hoffman is personal and wasn't offered on behalf of FreedomWorks, the conservative foundation he chairs.

Let the good times role for Conservatives in the 23rd congressional district. We need to win this election, and the only way to win, is to get Scozzafava the hell out of contention.

Also, Doug Hoffman has also received the endorsement of Conservative talk show host, Mark Levin. http://www.marklevinshow.com/Article.asp?id=1552958&spid=32364

Doug Hoffman 09!

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