Thursday, October 22, 2009

Obama stalling on Afghanistan.

The supposed Commander in Chief, President Barack Hussein Obama (mmm, mmm, mmm), is stalling action on the war in Afghanistan, putting our mission in danger, and threatening to destroy all our soldiers have fought for over the past several years.

Why would any American President want to do this?

Let us remember, Barack Obama is not your normal American President who supports winning wars at all costs, destroying the enemy, and making swift decisions based on the opinions of your Generals. Barack Obama is an appeasing radical, who does not support fighting the enemy, or the term "victory" for that matter.

Whether or not Obama supports troop increases is open to debate, however, the fact he is stalling is not. Obama is attempting to gain "political capital" with the left-wing of his base in regards to health care legislation, even at the cost of American lives, freedom, and our mission of destroying the terrorist scum which murdered 3,000 Americans on September eleventh, and has oppressed millions in the Middle East.

While Pakistan is launching their full force attack on the enemy, the United States Military has been forced to sit on their ass, because of this weakassed President of the United States. A Nation which use to be in the business of winning wars.

Stop stalling Obama, become a real Commander in Chief, or resign. You are screwing our troops & mission at the same time, based on the same reasoning....stalling to gain political points with your left-wing psycho-base.

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Sweet red wine said...

My question to you is, Is Obama's indecisiveness hurting the Afghan War effort? Do you think he's mad that he can't vote "present" like he did so many times on all the big issues when he was a junior senator?

Anonymous said...

Exactly - that's what came to mind yesterday as I was thinking over the real reasons for the stall of making a decision concerning troops in Afghanistan. Such a corrupt leader - not really a leader - such a corrupt Chicago-political machine. He could care less about our safety - anything. It's all about passing health-car reform -which isn't about health care as you know. It's about one more step toward socialism/communism and his total rule of the US and then he thinks, the world. He'll gladly sacrfice our troops and safety for his own personal gain-no problem. What a shell of a man. As well, the upcoming governor and some senator elections may play into the stall - not making an unpopular decision that could cost votes and cost more Dems to lose their political seas. He's just all about seeing his left-wing radicals are in power around him.