Monday, October 26, 2009

Doug Hoffman picks up Congressional GOP endorsements.

Conservative candidate for Congress, Doug Hoffman, has now received several endorsements from congressional Republicans across the Nation, proving once more that Conservative Republicans want the real Republican elected to Congress, not the fake Republican or the Nancy Pelosi Democrat.

    • Congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota has endorsed Doug Hoffman's campaign.
    • Congressman Todd Tiahrt (who is also running for the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate) of Kansas has endorsed Doug Hoffman's campaign.
    • Congressman John Linder of Georgia has endorsed Doug Hoffman's campaign, Linder is the former Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee.
    • Congressman Dana Rohrabacher of California has endorsed Doug Hoffman's campaign, Rohrabacher served in the Reagan administration.

While the list is small, yet growing each day, the fact a Republican brave enough to seek election as a third party candidate, and still receive good support from congressional Republicans, really speaks volumes about what Congressional Republicans want from their candidates.

Doug Hoffman has also been endorsed by Sarah Palin, Fred Thompson, Dick Armey, Tim Pawlently, Rick Santorum, Steve Forbes and James Dobson. - Please support Doug Hoffman, the only true Reagan Republican running in this election, the only true Conservative in the election.

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