Saturday, October 24, 2009

Possible upset in California's 10th district.

While the entire blogosphere has been following Doug Hoffman's campaign in New York's 23rd congressional district, to replace Congressman John McHugh and to push the Republican party back to Conservative values, the blogosphere has been annoyingly silent on the big special election in California's 10th congressional district.

After Congresswoman Tauscher was nominated & confirmed by the United States Senate to serve in Obama's administration, the race to replace the long time Democrat in a historically Democratic district was on. Facing an uphill battle in a congressional district which is D+11, Conservative Republican David Harmer, a businessman and son of former California Lt.Governor John Harmer, launched his campaign to win the Republican nomination, and face off against whomever the Democrat would be in the general election.

On September first, during the Republican primary, David Harmer received 22,000 votes, more then the other five Republicans combined. Harmer also received 21.05% of the total vote on that day, as the Democrats held their primary as well, and they nominated California's Lt.Governor John Garamendi, a radical leftist who is obsessed with elected office.

Running in one of the most Democratic districts in California, Harmer was facing an uphill battle from day one of the general election campaign, however, I saw the potential for victory several months ago, it was based on if the Republican candidate could produce a large turnout from his side, and hope the Democrats are demoralized, thus failing to register their usual large percentage of turnout, Harmer could be able to pull it off, a very very special election upset.

Now, with 10 days to election day, it appears a Harmer upset is even more of a possibility after a recent poll was released by Wilson Research Strategies, and Harmer's opponent has made a series of gaffes, and has taken positions which are not favorable in America as a whole right now.

According to the poll, if Republicans turnout at 29% (their share of the voter registration), Harmer will only be trailing Garamendi by 7% points (41-34%), however, if the Republicans turnout is 35%, as it was during the primary, Harmer then trails Garamendi by 2% points (39-37%), within the margin of error and a damn tight election.

Considering America is fired up about taxes, Conservatives & Republicans are ready to rumble all across the United States political scene, Garamendi supports the "government run option" in health care, which is not popular anywhere in America, and Garamendi released a smear attack against Harmer which backfired, because the Harmer he was referring to in a article (Garamendi was basing a smear attack on a article printed in Utah about a "David Harmer" supporting outsourcing jobs, was a completely different David Harmer) was a different Harmer altogether.

David Harmer can win this election. If Republicans can turnout in record numbers, while hoping for a depressed Democrat vote, we can pull off this upset in California's 10th congressional district. Please, fellow Conservatives & Republicans, contribute to Harmer's campaign, write articles about his campaign, volunteer for this campaign if you are in or near the 10th congressional district, we can win this!

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