Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Michele Bachmann to endorse Doug Hoffman?

Doug Hoffman, the Conservative candidate for Congress in New York's special congressional election in the 23rd district, has received endorsements from former Republican Senator Fred Thompson, former Republican Minority Leader Dick Armey, and various Conservative organizations.

The question now is, who will be the next Conservative Republican to break ranks and support Doug Hoffman?

Conservative Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann?

Think about it, Congresswoman Bachmann has become one of the leaders in the Conservative opposition against Obama's agenda over the past several months, Congresswoman Bachmann is not afraid to stand up against liberalism within her own party, and Bachmann's endorsement would only help secure Hoffman's good fundraising amongst Conservatives.

If Bachmann we're to endorse Hoffman's campaign, she would be the first elected Republican official to publicly support Hoffman over Scozzafava, the most radical Republican to ever run for elected office, I believe even more radical and backstabbing then Senator Snowe of Maine.

While this is just a thought as of now, Bachmann's endorsement is a possibility, considering she is a Conservative Republican who is always willing to help fellow Conservative Republicans in need, she has been fighting against ACORN for months, and her rising political profile adds clout amongst Republicans & Conservatives alike. Plus her endorsement would secure Hoffman's fundraising from Conservative activists does not stop.

Keep an eye on the news fellow Republicans & Conservatives.

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