Friday, October 23, 2009

Sarah Palin endorses Doug Hoffman for Congress.

Excellent news comrades! Sarah Palin, the former Republican Governor of Alaska, and Conservative superstar, has endorsed Conservative candidate for Congress, Doug Hoffman in his bid to replace Congressman John McHugh in New York's 23rd congressional district.

Governor Palin joins the ever increasing list of Conservative Republicans who have balked the radical liberal Republican candidate who was selected by party chairs several months ago over real Conservative Republican candidates who we're in the running for the nomination, this list includes former Senator Fred Thompson, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, and Dick Armey, the former House Majority Leader under GOP rule.

While many blogs have discussed the Palin factor over the past week or so, Jumping in Pools, was the first blog to ask the question, as to whether or not Governor Palin would endorse Doug Hoffman three weeks ago.

Will Mrs.Palin stand by her bold statement, and endorse a third party Conservative candidate, whom is really the only Republican candidate in this special congressional election in the 23rd congressional district in New York state?

Conservative blogger & supporter of Doug Hoffman's campaign, R.S. McCain, has the whole scoop at , and has done a tremendous job in covering the election directly from the 23rd congressional district, traveling from Virginia to cover the Conservative news story of the year.

Doug Hoffman 2009!

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