Monday, October 26, 2009

Freedom of Speech, does not include Palin fans.

While we are three years from the 2012 Presidential election, and the Republican primaries do not begin for 25-26 months from now, Governor Sarah Palin has energized a base within the Conservative movement, while I support and will support Palin 100%, I am the largest advocate that Senator Jim DeMint should seek the nomination as well, just because he has something that Palin does not have, I cannot explain it.

Well, a group of Palin fans out in California wanted to launch a billboard advertisement supporting Sarah Palin to run for President in 2012, what is the problem? The City council voted to ban the billboard from appearing, because its "size and scope" did not fit proper guidelines.

The Palin fans saw this as it was, an attempt to blackball political speech, an attempt to silence fans of a strong Republican star who has been in the middle of speculation surrounding the 2012 Presidential election, eversince she was selected to be John McCain's running mate last election. The Palin fans brought the issue to court, and the court agreed with them.

But, the City council will not let this go.

It's still a cliffhanger, though. The city plans to declare an emergency 45-day ban on new signs Monday until "constitutional issues" get worked out and yet another Palin-centric cultural moment unfolds.

Freedom of Speech is for everyone, not just those which whom you agree with, politically or otherwise. This is an issue which has National implications for Freedom of Speech, will speech be respected as it was intended by the Founders, or will speech be punished because of the political bent it might have.

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