Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Senators opposed to Harry Reid/Obamacare "government option".

According to personal research, following the news, and the latest information coming out of the health care debate from the United States Senate, Senate Republicans do have enough votes to stop the "government" option in the United States Senate.

As of now, all 40 Republicans in the United States Senate (even Senator Snowe) oppose the Harry Reid/Obamacare "government option" health care plan which is currently being proposed, along with all 40 Republicans, Senator Lieberman of Connecticut has also come out against the government option this afternoon, and he will support Republican attempts to filibuster the legislation.

While there has been much discussion over Senator Lieberman's position in the health care debate, he has for the most part been on our side, as he also opposes the Baucus bill which currently awaits in the United States Senate, opposed Harry Reid's "doctor buy-off" scheme in the Senate, and even questioned the need for a "public option" several months ago (Note : he now opposes the public option/government option 100%).

Now we have 41 against the current health care proposal in the United States Senate, it is also possible we could pick up Senators Nelson & Lincoln in opposition to this legislation as well, however, you never know what is going to happen, hopefully we can stop all of the Democratic health care proposals once and for all.

Senator Lieberman will join the Republican filibuster of Harry Reid/Obamacare "government option" - http://www.newsmax.com/insidecover/lieberman_filibuster_reid/2009/10/27/277679.html

While we are fighting a battle seriously outnumbered in both houses of Congress, I have a good feeling about defeating the Democratic efforts to destroy the greatest health care system in the world. God Bless the Congressional Republicans who have done an awesome job opposing this legislation, hopefully we can back them up next November and pass real health care reform, based in Freedom & Capitalism.

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