Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Happenings at Charles Johnson's Bunker

A little too lenient, I think. The asshat's site attacked my friend, who is autistic.

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USCitizen said...

Wow! Almost believable.

I gotta ask, "Was the Obama Columbia paper that was mentioned on Rush's show intentional?"

Yes,'ve I heard about the /satire tag.

Aaroncoal said...

I just figured it out too. I heard Rush say that live and had no idea it was your blog. Nice recognition.

Unknown said...

Funny! I'll bet sumerta is still crying about the poor rubber frogs parents.

KT said...

The thesis was a brilliant bit of satire. And clearly marked as satire.

Shame on those who didn't bother to note the tag before running with it.

We've all bitched alot about media not checking their facts before running something. This situation was no different.

Serr8d said...

Someone should pick up and run with the fact that Charles Johnson used PayPal credit card records to 'out' people who wanted to remain private, after he turned on them.

First, he solicits PayPal donations. Then, he mines the credit card information to find out names and addresses. And, if in his crazed mind he feels 'slighted' (a 'downding' on one of his posts) he posts or threatens to post that supposedly private information on the web.

This sort of behavior puts a chill on those who would use PayPal to contribute donations to any blogger. Why should one risk such an underhanded sneak attack? Why should anyone use PayPal anymore, to donate to any blogger?

What would PayPal have to say about such behavior?