Monday, October 26, 2009

Charles Johnson Continues to Defend Attack on Autistic Blogger

Note: This is not humor or satire.

Last week we were attacked by Charles Johnson for our Obama Thesis piece which was featured on the Rush Limbaugh Show. One of his chief minions, Cato the Elder, attacked a picture of our friend Joe, calling him "hungover" and "pustuled mouth breather." Joe happens to be autistic and we did not take kindly to the insult. Cato refused to apologize, and Johnson instead attacked us again.

And now CJ is up to his old tricks again, attacking us in another feature piece while defending the attack on Joe once again. Charles himself deems that there is a right to attack autistic people:

So what is CJ defending? Take a look:
That's right, folks. We are pathetic because we defend our friend, autistic or not. And the question posed was "not knowing that a person on a blog is autistic gives someone the right to attack them?"

Ray, a proud LGFer who is disgusting bigot who clearly believes that autistic people are sub-humans posted "yes, it gives them the right."

Charles congratulated Ray for spreading the truth-- in other words, let the attack on Joe continue!

Guess our video was right:

Charles, you are a true asshole.

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BITE ME! Comics said...

Yes he is. A major asshole.

innominatus said...

I'm not a shrink, but it may be time to start questioning some of these peoples' sanity. Their level of obsession surely falls outside the "normal" range.

Luke said...

Holy fuck, that video is annoying to watch.

varsity lakes said...

Its a awesome video to watch. thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

The video is hilarious!

And Ray, and Cato the Elder, and the other LGF lizards who support this stuff are vicious swine. And, yeah, some of them sound like they need psychiatric help. Or, maybe an exorcism would be more in order.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I'm still waiting for Cato the Elder to explain how Kilgore's spamming blogs with racist gibberish is not Charles' fault, seeing as how a blog master is supposedly responsible for what his posters post.

TFMo said...

This is why I feel absolutely no regret for my own cartoons and posts regarding Mad King Chuckie and his butt-nuzzling sycophants. Keep up the good work, JIP. Call out their hypocrisy at every opportunity, and NEVER let them intimidate you.