Monday, October 26, 2009

My 2009 Endorsements

It's been a year since my last list of endorsements, so here goes. I hope that my fellow-bloggers can list their endorsements, too.

Congress, NY-23- Doug Hoffman (C) (Who now leads, by the way.)
Schoharie County Sheriff- Bill Slater (R)
Schoharie County District Attorney- James Sacket (R)
Governor, New Jersey- Chris Christie (R)
NYS Supreme Court- Panagiota Avitabile (D) write-in

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UNRR said...

I'm voting for Christie, but his miserably-run campaign has left me pessimistic that we are going to be stuck with another Corzine term.

Editor said...

Every vote counts in the Christie campaign. I hope we can win this election in New Jersey, it could signal things to come in New York.